IGCSE Biology Paper-4: Specimen Questions with Answers 55 - 57 of 279

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Question 55


Describe in Detail


Is there any relationship between the size of pupil and size of iris of human eye?


The pupil is the opening of the eye by which light enters in the eye. The size of opening is depend on the amount the light present. The size of pupil become smaller as the iris part of eye become larger and the size of pupil become larger as the iris become smaller. Therefore, we can say the size of the iris determines the size of the pupil.

Shows Changes in Shape of Pupil in Different Level of Light

Question 56

Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Figure shows a muscle structure. Label the part X, Y and Z in given diagram

Image Shows a Muscle Structure


Part X-Muscle Fibre

Part y-Perimysium

Part z-Epimysium

Question 57


Describe in Detail


Different birds have different types of feet. Describe them


Different birds have different types of feet such as-

1-Perching bird feet- They have feet that help them to grip thin or thick branches easily. They have four toes and can move each toe independently . Example-Pigeons, Sparrows, crow, parrots.

Image Shows Feet of Some Birds

Talons Feet- They need sharp, hooked claws to catch their prey, which are called as Talons. Example- Eagle, Hawk, Vulture and owl feet.

Here Image Shows Feet of Some Birds

Trowel Feet- Trowel is a tool used to digging. Hen՚s feet work like trowels to scratch the mud. Example-Hen and rooster

Bird Image Shows Feet of Some Birds

Webbed feet- Webbed feet work like paddles and help these in swimming

Example-Duck and Goose

Image Shows Feet Duck and Goose

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