IGCSE Biology Paper-4: Specimen Questions with Answers 3 - 3 of 279

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Question 3

Write in Brief One Liner▾

Explain the terms systematics, Taxonomy, Classification and Nomenclature. What are the general rules are used for nomenclature.



  • Systematics: It is the branch of science with deals with the diversity of organism at the each level of classification.
  • Taxonomy: Taxonomy is the branch of science that deals with the principles and procedure of identification, nomenclature and classification of the organism. it can be divided into two types:

1-Classical taxonomy-It is based on morphological characters

2-Modern taxonomy-It is based on biological characters

  • Classification: Classification is the arrangement of organism into convenient category.
  • Nomenclature: An organism is known by different languages so it is impossible to remember the different name of an organism so there is a need for uniform system of nomenclature. So naming of a particular organism in such a way that it is known by the same name all over the world. Carolous Linnaeus gave Binomial nomenclature.

General rules for nomenclature are-

  1. Biological names are usually written in Latin. They are written in italics.
  2. It contains two terms (I) Genus (II) Species
  3. Biological name is underlined when handwritten
  4. The first term of biological name is start with capital letter. The second term is start with small letter.