IGCSE Biology Paper-4: Specimen Questions with Answers 251 - 253 of 279

Question 251

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Complete the table to show three differences between aerobic respiration and anaerobic respiration in humans.

Three Differences between Aerobic Respiration and Anaerobic Respiration in Humans
Aerobic respiration in humans

Anaerobic respiration in humans





Aerobic and Anaerobic Respiration


The diagram shows an Arctic food web.

Arctic Food Web

Question 252 (1 of 3 Based on Passage)


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Name a secondary consumer in the food web above.


Zooplanktons are primary consumer which feed on phytoplankton. In turn zooplanktons are eaten by secondary consumer by arctic char and arctic cod.

Question 253 (2 of 3 Based on Passage)

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Complete the food chain using organisms shown in the food web.


  • The ecosystems are characterized by the energy flow and the circulation of material through its members. The different organisms of an ecosystem are linked together by their nutritional requirements. Individual related in this manner constitute a food chain.
  • Food chain is an order or sequence of different organisms which are arranged in a way that the food is passed from one type of organism to other organisms such that the organisms of one order or trophic level are the food of the organisms of next order.