IGCSE Biology Paper-3: Specimen Questions with Answers 219 - 222 of 358

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Question 219

Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Vitamins are very essential for human beings. Draw one straight line from each vitamin to its deficiency diseases.

Name of Different Vitamins and Disease Related to That Vitamin


Different Vitamins and Disease Related to That Vitamin

Question 220

Write in Short

Short Answer▾

By the action of which enzyme Starch hydrolyzed into maltose.

Conversion of Starch to Maltose


Starch hydrolyzed into maltose through the action of the enzyme amylase.

Question 221



Which is the characteristics of non-chordates?


Choice (4)


Heart is ventral


CNS is always hollow and dorsal


Hb, if present, is dissolves in the plasma


Post ventral part forms a tail.




Non-chordates animals do not have notochord. They are the maximum diversified animals living or extinct. Main characteristics of such type of animal are dorsal heart is present, generally post ventral tail is not present and mainly exoskeleton alone present.

Question 222


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Which of the following properties are different in a shark and a whale?


Whales are mammals and sharks are fish. When whales produce young ones, sharks lay eggs. Whales have bones and sharks do not have bones but only cartilage. Whales are bigger than sharks. When a whale weighs more than 100 tons, the shark weighs about 2,000 kg. Sharks hunt for their food. Whales do not have this hunting tendency. Whales produce sound by which they communicate with each other and search for food. Whales produce many types of noise and even sing. Sharks do not have these types of communication skills.

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