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Question 163



The diagram shows budding in Hydra and releasing an offspring from the side of its body.

Hydra and Releasing an Offspring from the Side of Its Body

Which of the following statement is Incorrect?


Choice (4)


Fertilization is external


Offspring hydra is genetically different to parent hydra


It is a sexual reproduction


Offspring hydra is genetically identical to parent hydra




Budding in Hydra is an example of asexual reproduction.

Asexual Reproduction

It is a mode of reproduction/multiplication in which new individuals develop from a single parent.

Features of Asexual Reproduction

  • As there is involvement of only one parent, so it is uniparental.
  • It can occur with or without gamete formation but gametic fusion is absent.
  • The individuals produced are exact copies of each other and their parents because the new organisms produced inherit all of its chromosomes from one parent. Moreover, it involves only mitotic division. Such morphologically and genetically similar individuals are called clones. Ramets are used to define members of a clone.
  • The propagule is formed from somatic cells of a parent and hence this kind of asexual reproduction is called as somatogenic reproduction.
  • It can occur through unspecialized or specialized parts of parent.
  • It is widespread among different groups of organisms. It is common method of reproduction in organisms that have a relatively simple organization like single celled organisms belonging to group Monera, Protista as well as plants and animals with relatively simple organization like algae, fungi, sponges. However, it is a common mode of reproduction in lower organisms, but it should be very much clear that higher plants also exhibit this type of reproduction where it is known as vegetative reproduction.
  • Simple and quick method of reproduction.

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