IGCSE Biology Paper-2: Specimen Questions with Answers 121 - 121 of 203

Question 121



What is a correct naming with regards to the binomial system?


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Homo sapiens






Homo sapiens




Binomial nomenclature - Given by Linnaeus

  • Universal name or scientific name or Biological name of an animal/plant: Through which it is known by some names all over the world. Idea of binomial nomenclature first given by Gaspard bauhin in his book “Pinex Theory Botanicy” later. Linnaeus applied it as Linnaean principles. Developed by Karl Von Linne a swidish botanist. He gave certain principles called Linnaeus principles for this in his book “Philosophia botanica”
  • According to I. C. Z. N. and I. C. B. N. an organism must have given the scientific name according to following rules -
  • The name of living object must consist of two words –
    • First word – Generic name
    • Second word – Specific epithet (not specific name because it is incomplete and senseless without generic name)
Binomial Nomenclature
  • Scientific name consist of two names first genus and second species and they should not have less than 3 letter and more than 12 letters
  • Generic name written first as noun and its first letter is always capital.
  • No two plants/animals genera have the same name.
  • The specific name written after the generic name it should be short but may be compound like Hibiscus rosa-sinensis.
  • The name is derived from either Latin language or Latinized.
  • The scientific name is printed in Italics.
  • The name of the author is appended in abbreviated form in Roman script without a coma
    • Ex: Mangifera indica Linn, Homo sapiens Linn.