IGCSE Biology Paper-2: Specimen Questions with Answers 116 - 116 of 203

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Question 116



The diagram shows a palisade mesophyll cell from a green leaf.

The Diagram Shows a Palisade Mesophyll Cell from a Green Lea …

In which labelled part does photosynthesis occur and where is starch stored?


Choice (4)


Photosynthesis occurs-P, Starch is stored-Q


Photosynthesis occurs-R, Starch is stored- R


Photosynthesis occurs-R, Starch is stored- S


Photosynthesis occurs-P, Starch is stored- P




  • This building-up of complex food molecules from simpler substances is called synthesis and it needs enzymes and energy to make it happen. The enzymes are present in the plant՚s cells and the energy for the first stages in the synthesis comes from sunlight. The process is, therefore, called photosynthesis ( ‘photo’ means ‘light’ ) . There is evidence to suggest that the green substance, chlorophyll, in the chloroplasts of plant cells, plays a part in photosynthesis.
  • Chlorophyll absorbs sunlight and makes the energy from sunlight available for chemical reactions. Thus, in effect, the function of chlorophyll is to convert light energy to chemical energy. In order to keep the equation simple, glucose is shown as the food compound produced. In reality, the glucose is rapidly converted to sucrose for transport around the plant, then stored as starch or converted into other molecules.

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