IGCSE Biology Paper-2: Specimen Questions with Answers 111 - 111 of 203

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Question 111



The diagram represents a pyramid of biomass within an ecosystem.

A Pyramid of Biomass Within an Ecosystem

What shows the direction of energy flow through the above pyramid?


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The Above Pyramid


The Above Pyramid


The Above Pyramid


The Above Pyramid




  • The flow of energy is unidirectional from producer to consumer level; hence, the pyramid of energy is always upright. Producers have the maximum energy content. Since a part of the energy is lost as heat and major part of energy is liberated during respiration for use in various activities, the energy decreases at each trophic level of food chain. As proposed by 10 percent law of Lindeman only 10 % of the energy of previous trophic level is received by the next trophic level.
  • E. g. of the 10,000, 000 J of incident solar energy, around 10,000 J of energy is stored in a plant assuming plants trap 1 % solar energy. Herbivores, which feed upon plants, will retain 1,000 J of the available stored energy and carnivores feeding upon them will gain only 100 J of the usable energy giving below pyramid shape.
The Above Pyramid

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