CIE Chemistry (US-0439): Specimen Questions with Answers 57 - 59 of 240

Question number: 57

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  1. Describe a simple test-tube reaction which shows the effect of particle size on the rate at which a solid reacts with a solution.

[3 Marks]


Action of HCl on solid sodium carbonate.

Take a small quantity of solid sodium carbonate in a test tube. Then add distilled water into it. Cork the test tube with a double bore cork and insert a thistle funnel into the test tube. Then place a beaker containing lime water near the test tube. Then insert one end of the delivery tube into the test tube and the other end into the beaker. Now add HCl into the test tube through the thistle funnel and observe the change in colour of the lime water. For examination use

Question number: 58

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Malonic acid reacts with ethanol to form a colorless liquid which has a ‘fruity’ smell. Its structural formula is given below.

Image of ‘fruity’ smell

Image of ‘Fruity’ Smell

Image of ‘fruity’ smell

What type of compound contains the group which is circled?

[1 Marks]


Carbonyl: A carbon-oxygen double bond. The carbon atom has two bonds left over that can be attached to other atoms.

Question number: 59



Under what conditions does Gay-Lussac’s Law stand?


Choice (4) Response


Under constant pressure


Under constant temperature and pressure


Under constant temperature


All of the above




Gay Lussac’s Law standsunder constant temperature and pressure.