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Hari’s son Mukul owns a business that assembles computers. He believes in giving his workers responsibility to plan their own work. ‘I just let them get on with their jobs as I’m sure that this freedom motivates them’ he said. ‘I help organise training for them if they need it’.

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Describe and explain Mukul’s management style.


Mukul’s management style is more or less worker friendly style in which he let workers plan out things according to their convenience and also he provides them training which the most important part in any organization which helps them to deal with the vigorous situations even more easily as they attain a knowledge and skill via training.

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Do you think that responsibility motivates employees? Explain your answer.


Yes, this responsibility motivates the workers as they feel liberal and work more enthusiastically and also they are not bounded with any sort of predefined plans, they can carry and plan out work according to their convenience which makes them happier and thus motivated towards their work.

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Why does motivation is so important in any organization?


Motivation is generally what energizes, maintains, and controls behavior.

- Motivation factor in any workplace is the most important but is difficult to measure, as it is intangible.

- Salary is one of the element that keeps the workers motivated, but this is not enough. Incentives, bonus etc are the other motivational element.

- Motivated employees will have high level of efficiency, more creative work, enthusiasm which ultimately improves performance level.