CIE Biology Paper-4: Specimen Questions with Answers 104 - 106 of 120

Question number: 104

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Write in Brief

Diagram shows which part of the plant. Write down its main function.

Image shows a part of plant

Image Shows a Part of Plant

Image shows a part of plant Identify part X.


Part X is apical meristem of shoots

The main functions of apical meristem is related to growth. It increase the length between nodes. This type of growth is called primary growth. When a plant grows and gets thicker, it is called secondary growth.

Question number: 105

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Describe in Detail

Discuss the effects of non-biodegradable plastics in the environment


Plastic pollution has become a global phenomenon across the world and even to the most remote locations. Plastic is not biodegradable. It only breaks down into smaller compounds whereby its toxic chemicals ingested by animals, which we have also consumed. Plastic degrades due to solar radiation and oxidation into smaller and smaller pieces, all of which are still plastic polymers, eventually becoming individual molecules of plastic dust. They can also leave behind neurotoxins such as BPA in the organism. It can cause male reproductive failures. So it is very necessary to reuse or conversion of it to protect the environment.

Question number: 106

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Describe in Detail

What may happen if a normal woman is married to a colorblind man and colorblind woman marries to a normal man?


Color blindness is an example of sex-linked character, which was first studied by Horner given in 1876. When a normal woman is married to a color blind man, their children will have normal color vision but when their daughters were married to normal man, 50 % of their sons are color blind and the remaining 50 % are normal, while the daughters were all normal.

In other case, when a colorblind woman marries a normal man, their daughters are normal but all sons are color-blind. When these F1 daughters are married to color blind men, colorblind sons and daughters are born in equal number.