A-AS Level (CIE) Psychology: Specimen Questions with Answers 214 - 216 of 299

Question 214


Write in Brief

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Formula for calculating IQ and Standard score (Marks 2)


Standard score

Question 215


Write in Short

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List out the characteristics of Self-Actualizers (Marks 5)


Characteristics of Self –Actualizes are as follows

  • An efficient perception of reality
  • An acceptance of themselves, others and nature

  • A spontaneity, simplicity and naturalness

  • A focus on problems outside themselves

  • A sense of detachment and the need for privacy

  • A freshness of appreciation

  • Mystical or peak experiences

  • Social interest

  • Profound interpersonal relations

  • A democratic character structure

  • Creativeness

  • Resistance to Enculturation

Characteristics of Self –Actualizes

Question 216


Write in Short

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Explain sampling theory propounded by Thomson (8 Mark)


  • Among the other critics of Spearman, G. H Thomson has argues that the inter correlations between tests are actually the result of common samplings of independent factors. As such if the tests incorporate many of these independent factors in common, i. e. , the tests are all measuring some of the same factors, they will be highly inter correlated and it will appear that they are measuring one general factor ‘g’
  • Thomson ha accordingly proposed a sampling theory, which maintains that every test samples there is a certain range of elementary abilities, some with a wide range and some with a narrow range. The degree of correlation between any two tests depend upon the number of units of ability and they have in common

  • According to Thomson, abilities combine in such a way that their correlations approach Spearman hierarchical order. Thomson believed in a “general abilities” like spearman, but according to him it was not a basic entity, it was rather a constant combination of the ability elements

  • In like manner, the group factors are combinations of more limited collections of ability elements, while specific factors are composed of elements that restrict their appearance to single tests