A-AS Level (CIE) Psychology: Specimen Questions with Answers 174 - 175 of 299

Question 174


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Differentiate substance use from substance abuse (Marks 4)


Difference between Substance Use and Substance Abuse are as follows

  • Substance use is the ingestion of psychoactive substances in moderate amount that does not significantly interfere with social, educational and occupational functioning. For example drinking a cup of coffee in the morning
  • Substance Abuse-How much of substance ingested is problematic. If a substance ingested disrupts your education, job or relationships with others and put you in dangerous situation called as a substance abuser. Example LSD etc.

Question 175


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Crowd can be divided into two class’s active and inactive crowd-Explain (8 Mark)


Crowd is a physically compact organization of human beings brought into direct, temporary and UN organized contact with one another.

Active crowd can be divided as follows

  • Aggressive crowd- People in aggressive crowd has a destructive frame of mind, capable of any and every act of destruction ad irrationality brutality and inhumanity
  • Panicky crowd- Fear-stricken crowd whose constituent members are almost crazed with fear to appoint where they can no longer think and find reason

  • Acquisitive crowd- Acquisitive crowd is compose almost entirely of individuals whose objectives is to gain or obtain something, be it a cinema ticket, kerosene oil etc.

  • Expressive crowd- People gathered to give expression or to manifest their demands or sentiments

  • Inactive crowd- No crowd is completely inactive. The difference between an active and inactive crowd is only relative. The inactive crowd even resembles an audience

    • Crowd has no predetermined aim

    • There is no definite time and place for crowd

    • Behaviour of the crowd us not certain

    • People within the crowd stimulate each other

    • Members are motivated by emotions and soon become uncontrollable

  • Overt and covert- Overt conflict has some manifestation but covert conflict primarily remains invisible

The Overt and Covert