A-AS Level (CIE) Psychology: Specimen Questions with Answers 110 - 111 of 299

Question number: 110


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Describe the diagnostic criteria for Central sleep Apnea (2 Marks)

a) Specific current severity of Central sleep Apnea- Explain (2 Marks)


Evidence by polysomnography of five or more central apnea per hours of sleep (breathing repeatedly starts and stop during sleep) the disorder is not better explained by another current sleep disorder

a). Severity of central sleep apnea is graded according to the frequency of the breathing disturbances as well as the extent of associated oxygen desaturation and sleep fragmentation that occur as consequence of repetitive respiratory disturbances

The Central sleep Apnea

The Central Sleep Apnea

Question number: 111


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What are all the aspects explained by Torrance in terms of creativity? (Mark 6)


Torrance six components of creativity are

  • Fluency- Ability to produce a large number of ideas

  • Flexibility-Variety of responses, ideas, solutions to a problem

  • Originality-Ability to produce unique responses

  • Elaboration-Subject’s ability to elaborate on ideas

  • Abstractness of titles-It measures the degree a title moves beyond concrete labelling of the pictures

  • Resistance to premature closure- Degree of psychological openness based on the belief that creative behaviour requires a person to consider a variety of information when processing information to keep an open mind

Torrance six components of creativity

Torrance Six Components of Creativity