A-AS Level (CIE) Psychology: Specimen Questions with Answers 107 - 109 of 299

Question 107


Write in Brief

One Liner▾

Brief the role of Lateral Hypothalamus and Ventromedial Hypothalamus (Marks 4)


Lateral hypothalamus considered to be an excitatory region for hunger motivation, while the ventromedial hypothalamus said to be involved in the cessation of eating- that is, in satiety

Lateral Hypothalamus and Ventromedial Hypothalamus

Question 108


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Explain the characteristics of Dissociative Amnesia

a) Generalized Dissociative Amnesia-Brief in your own words (2 Marks)

b) Localized Dissociative Amnesia- Brief in your own words (2 Marks)

c) Dissociative fugue subtype- Explain (2 Marks)


a. Generalized: Inability to remember anything, including identity; comparatively rare

b. Localized: Inability to remember specific events (usually traumatic) frequently occur in war

c. Dissociative Fugue Subtype: Memory loss is accompanied by purposeful travel or bewildered wandering

Dissociative Amnesia

Question 109


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Ann, age 22, sees a counselor because she is suffering from a depression that has lasted for more than 2 years and has impaired her ability to maintain friendship and work productively. She wants to feel better, but she is pessimistic about her chances. How will an individual and systemic therapist choose to help her? - Explain (Marks 5)


Individual therapist may focus on obtaining an accurate diagnosis, perhaps using DSM-V

  • Whereas the Systemic therapist explore the system for family process and rules, perhaps using a genogram
  • Individual therapist begin therapy with Ann immediately

  • Systemic therapist invite Ann’s mother, father and sister into therapy with her

  • Individual therapist focuses on the causes, purposes, cognitive, emotional and behavioral process involved in Ann’s depression and coping

  • Systemic therapist focuses on the family relationships within which the continuation of Ann’s depression makes “sense”

  • Individual therapist intervene in ways designed to help Ann’s cope

  • Systemic therapist intervene in ways to help change Ann’s context