A-AS Level (CIE) Psychology: Specimen Questions with Answers 97 - 99 of 299

Question 97


Write in Short

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Differentiate Competitive altruism theory from Kin selection theory (marks 4)


Competitive altruism from Kin selection theory are as follows

  • Competitive altruism suggests that we help others as a means of increasing our own status and reputation and so benefit from helping in important ways
  • Kin selection theory suggests that we help others who are related to us because this increases the likelihood that our genes will be transmitted to our future generations

Question 98


Write in Brief

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Expand CIAPR, ANOVA, BDI, DSM and HRSD (Mark 5)


  • CIAPR- Cambridge Institute of Applied Psychology Religion
  • ANOVA- Analysis of Variance

  • BDI- Beck Depression Inventory

  • DSM –Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders

  • HSRD- Hamilton Rating scale for depression

Question 99


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Explain the Beck’s Cognitive therapy (Marks 5)


Limitations of Beck’s Cognitive therapy

  • CT has been criticized for focusing on too much on the power of positive thinking; being too superficial and simplistic
  • Denying the importance of client’s past

  • Being too technique oriented

  • Failing to use the therapeutic relationship

  • Working only on eliminating symptoms

  • But failing to explore the cause of underlying difficulties

  • Ignoring the role of unconscious factors

  • Neglecting the role of feelings

Limitations of Beck’s Cognitive Therapy