A-AS Level (CIE) Psychology: Specimen Questions with Answers 83 - 83 of 299

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Question 83


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Discuss the domains of cognitive psychology (Mark 10)


Domains of cognitive psychology includes

  • Cognitive Neuroscience- Cognitive process from sensation to memory is supported by basic electrochemical process taking place in the brain and nervous system
  • Pattern recognition- Sensory events are usually recognized as a pattern of events- see, hear, feel , touch and taste
  • Developmental psychology-maturational experiences with all the members of the species
  • Language- Principle means by which we acquire and express knowledge
  • Imagery-Internal representation of knowledge
  • Memory-Information available to us comes from perception, short term memory and long term memory
  • Consciousness- Current awareness of external and internal circumstances
  • Representation of knowledge-How information is symbolized and combined with the things stored in the brain
  • Attention-Under normal circumstances we are also highly selective in the amount and type of information to which we attend
  • Thinking and concept formation-Process by which a new mental representation is formed through the transformation of information
  • Perception- Involved with the detection and interpretation of sensory stimuli
Domains of Cognitive Psychology Includes

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