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Question 66


Write in Short

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Explain the phases of stress inoculation training (Marks 5)


Phases of stress inoculation training are as follows

  • Conceptual-education phase-Primary focus is on creating a working relationship and therapeutic alliance with the clients. This is mainly done by helping them gain a better understanding of the nature of stress and reconceptualizing it in social- interactive terms
  • Skills acquisition and consolidation phase-The focus is on giving clients a variety of behavioral and cognitive coping skills to apply to a stressful situations. The training involves cognitive coping. Meichenbaum provides some examples of coping statements that are rehearsed in the phase of SIT “How can ipreparefor stressor? “, “How can I confront and deal with what is stressing me? “

Clients are also exposed to relaxation training, social skills training and self-instructional training

  • Application and follow-through phase-The focus is on carefully arranging for transfer and maintenance of change from the therapeutic situation to everyday life. Clients practice their new self—statements and apply their new skills to everyday life
Phases of stress inoculation training

Phases of Stress Inoculation Training

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