A-AS Level (CIE) Psychology: Specimen Questions with Answers 60 - 62 of 299

Question 60


Write in Brief

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Expand CPI. Why it is used so? (Marks 4)


California Personality Inventory is a self-report measure of personality assessment consisting of 432 true/false statements which assess thinking style of individuals

California Personality Inventory

Question 61


Write in Short

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Explain the errors in testing a hypothesis (Mark 6)


  • It is possible to arrive at a incorrect conclusion about a hypothesis for a various reasons if
  • Sampling procedure adopted faulty

  • Data collection method inaccurate

  • Study design selected is faulty

  • Inappropriate statistical methods used

  • Conclusions drawn are incorrect

  • Two common errors exist when testing a hypothesis

    • Type-I error- Rejection of a null hypothesis when it is true

    • Type-II error- Acceptance of null hypothesis when it is actually false

Testing a Hypothesis

Question 62


Write in Short

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List out the characteristics of the group in social psychology (Mark 3)


A sense of “we” feeling

  • Common interest
  • A feeling of unity

  • Related to each other

  • Affected by group characteristics

  • Common values

  • Control of group

  • Obligations

  • Expectations