A-AS Level (CIE) Psychology: Specimen Questions with Answers 46 - 48 of 299

Question 46


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Describe Vernon’s hierarchical theory (Mark 8)


  • Vernon’s description of different levels of intelligence may fill the gaps between two extreme theories, two factor theory of spearman and the multiple-factor theory of Thurstone.
  • The highest level: ‘g’ factor with the largest source of variance between individuals (general factor) spearman

  • The next level: major group factors such as verbal-numerical-educational and practical-mechanical-spatial-physical

  • The next level: minor group factors are divided from major group factors

  • The bottom level: ‘s’ (specific factor) spearman

Vernon’s Hierarchical Theory

Question 47


Write in Brief

One Liner▾

List out the characteristics of infantile autism (Marks 4)


Characteristics of Autism are

  • General lack of responsiveness to other people
  • Serious deficiencies in communication, especially language

  • Unusual repetitive responses to the environment.

  • Moreover, all of these problems appeared within the first 30 months

Characteristics of Autism

Question 48


Write in Short

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What are all the characteristics that come under Kleptomania and pyromania (Marks 6)


Characteristics of Kleptomania

  • Recurring failure to resist urges to steal unneeded items
  • Feeling tense just before stealing, followed by feelings of pleasure or relief when committing the theft

  • High morbidity with mood disorders and to lesser degree with substance abuse/dependence

Characteristics of Pyromania

  • Irresistible urges to set fires

  • Feeling aroused prior to setting fire then a sense of gratification or relief when the fire burns

  • Rare; diagnosed in less than 4% of arsonists