A-AS Level (CIE) Psychology: Specimen Questions with Answers 273 - 274 of 299

Question number: 273


Short Answer Question▾

Write in Short

What are the symptom subtype of obsessions and associated compulsions? (Marks 8)


Symptom subtype of Obsessions and Compulsions are as follows

  • Symmetry-Obsessions- Needing things to be symmetrical/urges to do things over and over until they feel “just right”

  • Symmetry-Compulsions- Putting things in a certain order/Repeating rituals

  • Forbidden thoughts or actions (sexual/aggressive/religious) - Obsessions- Fears or urges to harm self or others

  • Forbidden thoughts or actions (sexual/aggressive/religious) - Compulsions- Avoidance/Repeated requests for reassurance

  • Cleaning/contamination-Obsessions- Fear of germs or contamination

  • Cleaning/contamination-Compulsions-Repetitive or excessive washing, using gloves to do daily tasks

  • Hoarding-Obsessions-Fear of throwing anything away

  • Hoarding-Compulsions-Collecting/saving objects with little or no actual sentiment value such as food wrappings

Question number: 274


Short Answer Question▾

Write in Short

Give a detailed account of language acquisition of a second language (Mark 8)


  • Languages are learnt at different ages, in different situations and up to very different levels of competence.

  • A significant factor believed to contribute to acquisition of language is ‘age’. Research has shown that some aspects of a second language, such as vocabulary, comprehension and fluency seem to be acquired as well after adolescence as before.

  • The mastery of native like pronunciation, however seems to depend on early acquisition. In any case there do not appear to be critical periods for second language acquisition

  • Adults may appear to have a harder time learning second languages because they retain their native language as their dominant language

  • Young children in contrast, who typically need to attend school in new language, may have to switch dominant language. Thus they learn the new language to a higher level of mastery