A-AS Level (CIE) Psychology: Specimen Questions with Answers 272 - 272 of 299

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Question 272


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

What is meant by People՚s psychology? Discuss in the context emergence of social psychology in your own words (Mark 10)


  • The main force of history is the people, or the “spirit of the hole” which can be seen in art, religion, language, myths, customs etc. The individual consciousness is only its product, a link in a certain mental connection
  • The views of Wilhelm Wundt furthered the development of people՚s psychology. Wundt in 1900 proposed that psychology consists of two parts physiological psychology and people՚s psychology.
  • Physiological psychology, in his views was an experimental discipline, but experimentation is not useful for the study of higher mental process: thinking and language. For the areas like language, myths and customs people՚s psychology need to adopt other methods
  • This views proposed by Wundt was strongly criticized by Vygotsky. Lev Vygotsky dealt with two questions directly related to the development of social psychology. The higher mental functions could not be considered as immediate function of the brain, roots of these lies in the social condition.
  • He expounded upon the idea of cultural historical determination of all mental process
Figure Show of the Social Psychology

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