A-AS Level (CIE) Psychology: Specimen Questions with Answers 1 - 2 of 299

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Question 1

Write in Brief One Liner▾

How conduct disorder is different from Anti-social personality disorder? (Marks 4)



A pervasive pattern of disregard and violation of the right of others is called as antisocial personality disorder only the difference between Conduct and Antisocial personality disorder is the age of a prescribed person. Usually Conduct disorder is the precursor of antisocial personality disorder. Conduct disorder occurs in children and they show at least one symptom characteristic prior to age 10 years and antisocial personality disorder occurs among adults of at least 18 years of age

Question 2

Write in Short Short Answer▾

In some cases, a useful alternative to physical punishment is Covert Sensitization- Why? (2 Marks)

  • Advantage of Covert sensitization- Explain (2 Marks)
  • What are all the behaviors come under Covert Sensitization technique? (2 Marks)


  • In this technique, the unwanted behavior is imagined together with its imaginary punishing consequences For example, an alcoholic is trained to imagine drinking and its consequences, such as vomiting or being fired.
  • Covert sensitization treatments are also used to treat obesity, smoking, excessive gambling and compulsive behaviors such as excessive hand washing.
  • Advantage of Covert sensitization is that it can be used anytime, anywhere, not just in the therapist office; the client can imagine the behavior and its consequences privately while riding to work or sitting alone in a library. For this reason, the technique is often used as an extra- a kind of self-therapy to help the client keep things under control
Covert Sensitization