A-AS Level (CIE) Hinduism: Specimen Questions with Answers 8 - 8 of 51

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Question 8


Describe in Detail


Nobody can escape from the result of one՚s own action. Explain the statement with reference to Puranas.



  • It is right that even the God or his avatar cannot escape from the consequences of his own past deeds. There are so many examples that we can see throughout Puranas regarding the action and it՚s fruit.
  • When we refer the ancient poetry, that is; Adikavya- Ramayana, we can see that the lord Rama kills the Kishkindha king Bali by hiding himself behind the tree by shooting an arrow. While having conversation between Rama and Bali, lord Rama promised that in the next age, he will re incarnate as Krishna and will get killed by Bali in the form of a hunter. And the same was happened in Dwaparayuga.
  • While roaming in forest, king Dasharatha unknowingly killed a boy named- Shravan. After hearing his death, his parents cursed king Dasharatha that- he too will bear the pain of losing of children. When lord Rama, wife Sita and brother Lakshmana went for the fourteen years of exile, due to the unbearable pain king Dasharatha lose his life and that curse too came into true.
  • One of the best examples that which we can see in Mahabharata is about Sudama and lord Krishna. When both went to forest, lord Krishna felt hungry and asked Sudama to take the food that got from their hermitage. But, Sudama lied that he have no food right now. When, wife of Sage Sandeepani came to know all about Sudama՚s lie and later she cursed him to remain like this forever. And Sudama remained as a pauper throughout his life until he offers the food to lord Krishna.
  • From all these incidents of Puranas, we can conclude that NOBODY can escape from the fruit of their own action irrespective of good, bad, man, incarnation, male and female.
Karmaphala Fruit of Action

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