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Question 7


Describe in Detail


Role of Bhakti yoga in Hinduism


  • Bhakti yoga is a genuine query or a real search for the god that cobmvered with the unconditional devotion or love. Bhakti is considered to be greater than karma. It is the easiest and the natural way to attain the ultimate-supreme god or to attain self-realization.
  • Patanjali sutra mentions a word, that is-Ishvara pranidana. By commenting on this term, Bhoja says- “Pranidana is that sort of Bhakti in which, without seeking results, such as sense enjoyments etc.” As per the words of sage Vyasa- “pranidana is the form of Bhakti by which mercy of the supreme soul comes to the yogi and blesses him by granting his desires” .
  • Bhakti is the intense love to god. Bhakti is a series of mental efforts at the spiritual realization. It begins with an ordinary worship but, ends in the merging oneself in the eternal soul.
  • And there is a separate chapter for Bhakti yoga in B. Gita. In this chapter, lord Krishna says about Sagunopasana (worshiping god in a particular form) and Nirgunopasana (worshiping god in formless) . Among these lord Krishna neither compares nor supports any of these two types. As per his words, anybody can follow any type of Bhakti or devotion that makes oneself concentrated. At last what we all need is nothing but the unwavering mind.
  • Then, lord Krishna mentions a long list of qualities that a devotee must have to possess.
  • At the end of Bhaktiyoga chapter, lor Krishna claims that-those who are concentrating as well as following all those qualities will attain me.
  • In Bhakti yoga, what we all need is pure and unconditional love towards the almighty. Prahlada, Tulsidas, Meerabai, Surdas etc. are some of those who totally immersed in the ocean of devotion. Whatever obstacles come, they will never lose enthusiasm and will keep forward by thinking-god will take care of them.
  • If anyone can have these type of Bhakti yoga or devotion, surely he/she become free from sorrow, fears, and anger and will start to live the life at its fullest potential. This is the role of Bhaktoyoga in Hinduism.

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