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Question 5


Describe in Detail


Elucidate the importance of ‘Yaksha Prashna’ in Mahabharata.


  • It is right that the Yaksha Prashna holds a special place not just in Mahabharata but today also. Yaksha prashna is a question and answer session that took place between Yaksha and Yudhishtira- the elder one among five Pandavas.
  • Yaksha prashna is considered as the ancient logical reasoning questions that indicates the IQ (Intelligent Quotient) level of a person. This contains the general awareness questions on various subjects and topics as well. This debate enables the people to think in higher level, especially those who are spiritual aspirants.
  • When Pandavas felt immense thirst in the forest, all of them went to the lake. Suddenly, an unknown voice warned them not to take any single drop of water unless they answer some IQ questions. Ignoring that warning, Pandavas moved forward to have the water. All of them felt unconscious and only Dharmaputra Yudhishtira, who has higher wisdom, could save all of them by answering all those questions.
  • Let us go through some relevant as well as intelligent answers given by Yudhishtira.
  • Yaksha shoots a question ‘who is happy?’ and Yudhishtira replied that-One who can cook in own home, who has no debt, need not come out of home for his livelihood, does not over striving for material things are the real happy persons.
  • Then, Dharmaputra claims that- the real man is the one who overcome all the dualities of life, that is- Happiness and sadness, Friend and enemy, Love and Hate, Heat and Cold and so on. Here we can see that, in Bhagavad Gita- lord Krishna mentions the same qualities that one have to possess to be a Stitaprajna.
  • According to Yudhishtira, the highest duty in the world is Ahimsa, that is- not to harm anybody and the most invincible enemy is- Anger. Lord Krishna says the same in Bhagavad Gita too, that is- Ahimsa (not harming anybody) satyam (truthfulness) , akrodha (not getting anger) and so on.
  • After hearing all those answers, Yaksha was very impressed with the wisdom of Dharmaputra Yudhishtira. After that Yaksha made rest of those four Pandavas in old form.
  • And no doubt that those who go through the Yaksha prashna, can enhance the spiritual knowledge in a better way that which helps to understand some truths about the life and surely, make them much more intelligent.
  • Such is the importance of ‘Yaksha Prashna’ in Hinduism that mentions in the Mahabharata.
‘Yaksha Prashna’

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