A-AS Level (CIE) Hinduism: Specimen Questions with Answers 49 - 49 of 51

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Question 49


Describe in Detail


Give a note on the Upanishad quote- “satya dharmaya drishtaye.”


This is a famous quote that we can find in the Ishavasyopanishad. It goes like this- “Hiranmayena patrena satyasypihitam mukham, tattvam pushannapavrunu, satya dharmaya drushtaye.” This slogan holds both outer and inner meaning as well. It is both statement and a prayer to the Sun god (surya deva) . It says that the truth is hidden by the golden cover, so please- reveal both the satya and dharma by removing uncovering it. But, when we investigate the inner meaning, we can understand that this quote is taking us to a different dimension that indicates the reality (satya) and illusion (maya) .

We all know that both sunrise and sunset is not at all real but, still all those processes are to be considered as the part of our daily life.

The great sage Adi Shankaracharya through his work Vivekachudamani claims that- “brahma satyam jagat mithya,” which means- the eternal soul is real, and the world is an illusion. So, whatever we see or whatever we experience is an illusion just like a mirage.

In Ramayana, Maricha took the form of a golden deer and tricked mata Sita as it is real. After seeing the golden deer, she forced lord Rama to follow the deer to bring it. At the same time, the demon king Ravana kidnapped Sita by taking the form of a sage.

In Mahabharata, once Kauravas visited the palace- that which full of illusion and its floor some time appears to real water and vice versa. Kauravas was totally fooled by this illusion and this incident too made Kauravas to take the revenge on Pandavas.

From all these incidents we can analyze that whatever we see and whatever we experience appears to be real but, not. This is called moh-maya (illusion that tempts us) . Major chunks of people are so addicted and run behind the fame, luxury, beauty, power and so on. But those people never realize that all these are just temporary that may vanish away within no time.

So, to not get into such trap, Hinduism urges everybody to pray “Satya dharmaya drushtaye.”

Satya Dharmaya Drushtaye

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