A-AS Level (CIE) Hinduism: Specimen Questions with Answers 47 - 47 of 51

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Question 47


Describe in Detail


The role of Bhagiratha in purana.


Bhagiratha born in the famous Sun clan (surya vamsa/raghu vamsa) and obviously one of the forefathers of lord Rama.

No doubt, he plays an important role in puranas. He is being considered as the epitome of single-minded effort and never give up attitude. Once Bhagiratha took an oath to bring the mighty Ganga to the earth from Vaikunta (the world of lord Vishnu) .

There is a famous quote in Upanishad that which already popularized by Swami Vivekananda, who is- “Utthishta jagrata, prapyavaran nibodhata;” meaning- “arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached” . And as the result of his immense penance, he made both lord Brahma and lord Shiva appeared Infront of him. Lord shiva ensures to fulfil his wish. In initial stage, Ganga refused to flow to earth and wanted to stay there. But lord Shiva intervenes here and captured Ganga. He accumulated (avahana) Ganga River in his long hair lock (jata) and diverted her to the earth. Because mother earth does not have enough capacity to hold the flow of river Ganga.

Finally, after a long effort, Ganga flowed to the Earth and continuing her flow and became the part of daily life of crores of people.

Bhagirata՚s immense tireless effort was praised all over by humans, gods, devas, sages and so on. Later, there was a praise was created in puranas and still relevant even now, that is called “Bhagirata prayatna” (Effort of Bhagiratha) . This is a great inspiration to go against all the odds- for everybody, who do or wants to do something for any noble cause.

As an honor to Bhagirata, who is responsible for bringing Ganga to the Earth, Ganga is also called as Bhagirathi River.

Types of Bhagiratha

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