A-AS Level (CIE) Hinduism: Specimen Questions with Answers 45 - 45 of 51

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Question 45


Describe in Detail


Elucidate the Role of customs in Hinduism.


Hinduism is a culture that which customs plays a vital role in the daily life. But it does not mean that Hinduism depends on these customs. All these customs may vary from age to age and place to place as per the convenience. These customs had gone through so many editions, deletions, updations and additions. These customs are filled with spiritual, scientific, and devotional reasons. A man is always bounded with those customs, since birth to death. But those customs are neither forceful nor mandatory to follow throughout the life.

Annaprasha (eating of solid food) , upanayana (thread ceremony) , diksha (initiation) , vidyarambha (beginning of education) , ayudhapuja (tools/weapons worship) etc. are those important Hindu customs that one must follow in his whole life. Even after the death, either children or close relatives has to do the pind dan kriya (death ritual) , on the behalf of that dead person and every year as the part of this ritual, sraadha (feeding of all creatures and tribute to ancestors) too has to be done.

Despite being all these, lord Krishna reminds that no need to follow all those customs blindly. In Bhagavad gita lord Krishna says- “tasmat sastram pramanam, karyakarya vyavasthitau” and it means- do all these as per the scientific proof. In other sloka, lord Krishna claims- “aham kraturaham yajna,” that is; I am the ritual and sacrifice and offering to the ancestors. When we look those customs, we can see that they are always mixed with both tributes to the concerned diety and feeding of creatures as well, irrespective of its size. Lord Krishna says that- “aham vaisvanaro bhutva, praninam deham asritya.” Its meaning goes like this- I am the one, who resides in every creature in the form of Vaisvanara (digestive fire) . So along with paying tributes, Hinduism teaches everybody to feed all creatures and it is considered as the duty of a responsible human being.

From all these above statements we can analyze that those customs are made to be the part of daily life in Hinduism.

Hindu Customs

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