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Question 43


Describe in Detail


How far it is right that Hinduism gives first preference to the moderate life?


Yes. It is right that the Hinduism gives much more preference to the life that which is moderate in nature. As per lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita, a madhyastha (moderate) is the one who always follow the middle path. He moderates and keeps a control as well over anything and everything that he does in throughout his life. And lord Krishna urges everybody not to go extreme other ends and be like a moderate one to lead a much better life.

He neither gets detached mentally nor too much get indulge in the activities, despite having the frequent engagement in the daily life. He never loses his balance in the dualities, which is- heat, cold, success, failure, profit, loss and so on. He treats both friend and foe in the same manner without any favor.

To attain such yogic state, lord Krishna says- “natyashnatasti yogosti, na chaikantam anashnatah, na chati swapna seelasya, jagratam naiva cha arjuna” , that means- those who eat too much or eats too little and sleeps too much or not sleep enough is the one who is eligible to become Yogi.

Apart from these, lord Krishna mentions the way that lead to attain such yogic state. That is- “Yukta aharasya viharasya, yukta chetasya karmasu, yukta swapna bodhasya, yogo bhavati dukhaha” and meaning goes like this- “those who are very moderate in eating, working, sleeping and leisure can mitigate the samsara (materialistic life) by practicing the yoga system” .

When it comes to the lord Rama, we can see that, as the result of the teachings that he received from his Guru (spiritual master) - sage Vasishta-in the form of Yoga Vasishta, his mind never get attached to the luxurious life despite being the next prince (yuvraj) of Ayodhya kingdom. He accepted the offer to become the Ayodhya ruler and with the same mind he was ready to go for the exile to keep his father- Dasharathas promise. Such is the mastery of the mind that Hinduism urges everybody to live the life at its fullest potential.

Beyond Dualities

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