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Question 42


Describe in Detail


As per Hinduism, what is life? Elucidate.


As per Hinduism, we all human beings are here to Learn and get experienced. Hinduism teaches that man is a spirit that lives in the body. Whatever has created must die some other day. But this spirit has neither birth nor death (aja-non born, nitya- permanent, saswatha- stable) . So that, the spirit will go on living through many bodies. Our desires too getting changed according to the various births. Despite fulfilling all those desires, the real spirit never get satisfied and craves for something that is unchangeable and permanent as well due to its nature.

It is said the movements of the bodies are controlled by mind and mind is controlled by the spirit. Death is just a change.

As per the Hinduism, every human being is a perfect being. They transform constantly from lower truth to higher truth and from Nara (human) to Narayana (god) as well.

Every child born into this world is born with some experiences that which is accumulated from previous births. So, every human being tends to act according to one՚s own natural tendency or taste.

As per Swami Vivekananda- “we must love god for love՚s sake, do our duty to him for duty՚s sake, must work for him for work sake and must worship him for worship՚s sake.”

The goal of life is not to enjoy worldly pleasure but the eternal joy through self-realization. That is why Swami Vivekananda adopted a famous quote from Upanishad and added it as the motto for Ramakrishna mission, who is- “Aatmano mokshartham, jagat hitaya cha.” It means- “for the salvation of the soul and for the welfare of the world.”

These above mentioned are the important views on Life as per the Hinduism.

Life - As Per Hinduism

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