A-AS Level (CIE) Hinduism: Specimen Questions with Answers 41 - 41 of 51

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Question 41


Describe in Detail


Elucidate Panchakosa and its relevance.


Pancha Kosha or five layers are those sheaths that which exist around the human soul or jivatma (individual soul) . Each of those five Kosha or sheath has their own duty to perform throughout our life until the last breath. They are-

Annamaya Kosha

  • This kosa consists of food (Anna) . As per Bhagavat Gita- “annat bhavanti bhootani,” that means- “all those elements come out from the food.” It is of bones, tissues, organs and so on.
  • So that this Kosha needs food that which is nature in nutrients.

Pranamaya Kosha

  • This Kosha is made up of energy (prana) .
  • It has connection with the breath and so that it plays the major role in the forming of radiance (aura) around the body. It holds an influence in our thoughts and emotions.

Manomaya Kosha

  • This Kosha is the most difficult one to bring under control. Because, it is depended on the mind (manah) or thoughts.
  • As we all know that the mind can reach anywhere within no time. Therefore, it need some practice to channelize the energy that emits from the manomaya Kosha.
  • It consists of all types of mind, that is- conscious, sub-conscious and super conscious (eternal mind) as well.


Vigyana means- knowledge; to be very precise- experienced knowledge. So this kosa is packed with- acquired knowledge, intellect, wisdom etc. It has a sense to discriminate, decide, and judge everything as well.


  • This Kosha is all about bliss (Ananda) . The real nature or the real character of each and every human being is Sat-chit-Ananda (truth-consciousness-bliss) . This Kosha is the real one that which takes us to the state of Samadhi or self-enlightenment. Because, this is the one that which get united with the eternal soul (Paramatma) .
  • So let us conclude that the entire human being- irrespective of all diversities is covered up with these Pancha koshas.
Elucidate Panchakosa and Its Relevanc

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