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Question 40


Describe in Detail


The name of lord is greater than the god. Justify it.


  • It is right that the name of lord is greater than god himself. Because, it is the devotee- who always use to chant the mantra or name of the god all the time and carry it throughout the life wherever he goes until his last breath, just like flower carries it is fragrance. If a devotee achieves anything in the life, he/she never takes the credit of it and being humble, always use to say- “this is all about god՚s grace.”
  • The Devotee or worshiper motivates everybody to take the name with pure devotion- for having a better and peaceful life, to overcome all obstacles and hardships in the life in a simple way.
  • In Ramayana, we can see that the Lord Hanuman overcame all the obstacles, accomplished all the impossible tasks, and achieved greater place in the heart of each and every person. However, he never takes the credit and dedicated all his achievements in the holy feet of his beloved lord Rama. Moreover, urge others to take the name of Lord Rama to make the life much simple.
  • The prince- Prahlada always used to chant the name of his beloved god Vishnu and despite having so much threat to his life, he overcame all the difficulties with the name of lord Vishnu. Just to save his beloved devotee and to re-establish the Dharma (righteousness) , lord Vishnu took the form of Narasimha (half man and half lion) and killed Hiranyakasipu.
  • When we take the example of great devotee՚s like- Jatayu, Nishad raj, Tulsidas, Sabari, Meera bai etc. we can see that all these devotees attained the higher wisdom by mere chanting of the Lord name with utter devotion.
  • It is considered as auspiciousness to chant the name of Lord before doing anything or before taking any tasks in our daily life. In addition, by clubbing up the chanting of the Lord name with Meditation helps surely to gain the concentration and ease the mind, that which is very essential to engage in our daily activities in the life.
  • Moreover, apart from all these, we can see that- it is the chanting of Lord՚s name that which helped Ratnakara, a dacoit one to transform into the great sage Valmiki, who composed the Ramayana.
  • As we, all know that- the Formless state is more powerful than the Form state. Therefore, we can analyze that- Name of the lord that which is in Formless state is more powerful than the Lord himself is.
  • Such is the power of the Lord՚s name and make it superior than the Lord himself.
The Name of Lord is Greater Than the God

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