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Question 39


Describe in Detail


Give a note on Pancha bhootas in Hinduism.


As per Hinduism, the entire universe was made up of Pancha bhootas or five elements. Those five elements are- Agni (fire) , Jala (water) , vayu (air) , Prithvi (earth) , and akasa (space) . It is said that there is no any other element exists other than these five elements or pancha bhootas.


  • The oldest Veda- Rigveda starts with the quote- “Agni meele purohitam, yajnasya deva ritvikam,” that means- “I worship Agni- god of fire, family and priest of Yajna.” Moreover, as per the Upanishad- “Agnirvai devanam Hota” that is- “the one who do the yajna is also Agni.”
  • Agni represents the knowledge and purity. Agni is considered as auspicious and every function starts with the worship on Agni. It is said that, first- the Paramatma (supreme soul) enters in our body in the form of Agni. Rest of the other elements follows later. As per Hinduism, Agni is the base for all the activities of Indriyas. It is connected with the vision (Rupa) .


  • It is the base for all living beings in earth. Without breath, no one can survive. The definition for Vayu is- “vaati iti vayu” , means- “the one that which reach everywhere without any obstacle” .
  • Vayu plays an important role for the activities of hormonal secretions, nerve system, blood circulation, bodily chemical reactions, and compilations and the list goes on. It is connected with the touching (Sparsha) .


  • ‘Adyo vikara Akasaha’ - The first matter of Parabrahma (supreme soul) is Akasa. It can be called as Ether. The feature of Akasa is Space. Anything and everything irrespective of the size need its own space to exist.
  • Akasa is the carrier of all types of sound. Ether is the source of Akasa Vani/asariri or divine sound that heard by great sages in Puranas. It is connected with the sound (Sabda) .


  • In Hinduism, Earth is worshipped as Bhoomi Devi. Protection of the nature and environment is considered as the biggest worship (puja) to the Bhoomi.
  • Everything exists in the earth. After the death all living things finally were dissolved in Bhoomi and after a long, all those atoms are re assembled as well as return back in another form.
  • All the living things in earth are connected with each other just like waves in the ocean. It is connected with the smell (Gandha) .


  • Jal is water. In Hinduism, Jal is considering as Jal devata and protecting it is considered as the biggest tribute to the Devata (diety) . Rivers- Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, Godavari etc. holds major position in Puranas. Moreover, crores of people are depending upon all these rivers.
  • None can survive without water. Preserving of all water resources such as- ponds, rivers, lakes etc. is the part of daily life of all people. It is connected with the taste (rasa) .

These all above are the role of Pancha bhootas in Hinduism.

Give a Note on Pancha Bhootas in Hinduism

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