A-AS Level (CIE) Hinduism: Specimen Questions with Answers 38 - 38 of 51

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Question 38


Describe in Detail


Explain the role of Narada in Hinduism.


  • Narada is the mind-born (manasaputra) son of Lord Brahma and goddess Saraswati. Narada is an unparalleled devotee of lord Vishnu. Moreover, a great sage with higher wisdom and spiritual knowledge as well. He can travel in all the three worlds can reach wherever he wants and the one who knows past, present, and future.
  • He is good at music and an expert at playing Veena (musical instrument) . He was the music Guru of lord Hanuman. Narada is always a well-wisher of all and cannot tolerate any injustice that happens to the good people. It is Narada, who reach everywhere for helping the needy to directly or indirectly to solve their daily life problems by giving them suitable formulas. He is a preacher of Dharma (righteousness) in all the three worlds.
  • As per the order of his beloved lord Vishnu, he took the role of caretaker of Khayadu, the wife of demon king Hiranyakasipu, who is now pregnant. Then he taught all the spiritual lessons to Khayadu and her son Prahlada too learned all those lessons even at that time. Therefore, Narada plays an important role for making Prahlada- a hard-core devotee of lord Vishnu and since childhood, he started to chant the Vishnu mantra.
  • It is the sage Narada, who directed the mighty intellect sage Vyasa and gave suitable instructions regarding the composing of biggest epic- Mahabharata. Even the great sage and Guru of devas (deva guru) Brihaspati clears all his doubts and confusions with the help of Narada.
  • Mostly he gathers important informations from all over the world and hands over it to the concerned persons either in the form of advice or in the form of warning.
  • Narada will be with those people who are in distress and make them optimistic by giving them a ray of hope.
  • A spiritual discourse in Purana by sage Narada is popularly known as “Narada bhakti sootra.” This is all about the spiritual knowledge and pure devotion as well. It clearly says about the path of spirituality to attain the supreme knowledge that helps everybody to reach the ultimate goal. Generally, it was composed in the flavour of Bhakti yoga. This talk mentions the various steps and process to reach the Moksha or enlightenment.
  • From all these above statements, it is clear that the role of sage Narada in Hinduism is nothing but as a messenger of god.
The Role of Sage Narada

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