A-AS Level (CIE) Hinduism: Specimen Questions with Answers 37 - 37 of 51

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Question 37


Describe in Detail


What is Pancha prana and what is its influence?


Pancha prana is the vital force or cosmos energy that which exists in our Physical body. This keeps each and every living thing alive. This vital force is classified into several sections. They are:


  • The main function of the Prana is- respiration and heart pumping. All organs that lies between throat and lungs, that is- chest area.
  • Moreover, the Prana that moves upward controls all these.


  • The main function of Apana is elimination.
  • It covers the organs, which lies around the lungs that includes- large and small intestine, kidney, urinary system and so on.
  • It flows downwards and stimulates the downward of wastage.


  • This Samana lies in between naval and diaphragm and controls the stomach, spleen, kidney, liver etc.
  • It moves through both sideways. It is responsible for the digestion and helps to acquire nutrients from the food to our body.


  • Udana functions around the head region up to the throat. This one is responsible for the functioning of brain and all sensory organs (indriyas) as well.
  • So obviously responsible for the movements of both legs and hands.


  • Vyana is considered as the important one among these Pranas. Because, it works as an all-rounder of the entire body system. It is responsible for the motor impulses also. It is the energy storage of the body and when it gets any signal that indicates the lack of nutrients, within no time- Vyana will take the appropriate action that which is required immediately.
  • These all are the Pancha prana and its influence in all our daily life. No doubt, we can understand that- all this knowledge will helps to understand the functions of our physical body much better.
Pancha Prana and What is Its Influence

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