A-AS Level (CIE) Hinduism: Specimen Questions with Answers 32 - 32 of 51

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Question 32


Describe in Detail


Elucidate Ashtasiddis and its relevance.


Ashtasiddis are those eight super human powers or yogic powers that we can see in Puranas. It can be possessed either by continuous recitation of mantras or by deep meditation. However, those eight powers are not limited to great yogis or sages. Normal person can to achieve those powers and can apply it in the daily life. Those eight powers are-


  • It is a power to reduce either the size of body or a part of the body. Lord Hanuman used this power while entering lanka.
  • When it comes to the normal person-, it says that we must reduce our ego (Ahankara) in front of other people, especially in front of elderly people and parents.


  • By using this power, one can increase either size of the body or a part of the body. Incarnation (avatar) of Lord Vishnu- Vamana used this power in front of the king Mahabali.
  • It clearly says that- we all learn to be in bigger size in front of all social evils to eliminate it, without any fail.


  • Garima is a power that which can make the body or any part of the body firm and strong. Lord Hanuman used this power in order to reduce the ego of his younger brother- Bhima.
  • It means that we must have a strong ideals or principles in our life that nobody can move an inch.


  • It can be used to make the physical body very lighter just as if Vibhishana used this power to reach lord Rama՚s camp from Lanka.
  • It says that- one need to learn to be simple and light hearted in front of children and poor people.


  • By this power, one can obtain whatever he/she wants. Bhagirata used this power to bring Ganga into the earth.
  • This power resembles the ichhasakti or a strong desire to achieve whatever one wants with the full effort irrespective of material and spiritual desire.


  • It is another type of Prapti siddhi. Lord Surya gave this power to Devi Kunti and as the result, Karna was born.
  • It clearly says, one must have a single pointed mind and give full effort to achieve whatever one wants.


  • It is a power to have a lordship over everything in this world. We can see in Puranas that so many sages and demons doing the penance (tapas) to have this power.
  • From this, we need to learn that- we need to possess that special power to have lordship over everyone՚s heart with pure love and service.


  • It is ability or an extended version of Vashitva that which brings everything under control. It is just like bringing all living creatures under control with the power of affection and love.
  • Sage Vishwa mitra (Vishwa-world and mitra- friend) is the best example for this. He could make any beings under his control.
  • These all are Ashtasiddis and its relevance, as per the Hinduism.
Ashtasiddis and Its Relevance, as Per the Hinduism

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