A-AS Level (CIE) Hinduism: Specimen Questions with Answers 31 - 31 of 51

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Question 31


Describe in Detail


Explain the Art of Karma yoga


  • The word ‘Karma’ means action. Whatever we think, we speak, we do is all considered as Action. It means-Knowingly or unknowingly whatever we perform-whether it is mentally or physically has its own result. Nobody can escape from the fruit of our own Karma.
  • In B. Gita there is a long separate chapter on Karma, that is- “Karma yoga” . In that chapter, the most popular quote is- “Karmanye va adhikaraste, ma phaleshu kadachan, ma karmaphala hetur bhu ma te sangostha karmani” . Through these quote, lord Krishna urges everybody to perform their own duty at its fullest potential, out of passion even without thinking about the result or fruit. It doesn՚t meant that we all have to restrict ourselves from performing our duty. But, if we always thinks about the result-we may tend to forget to do our duty that which we have to perform as per the situation.
  • A mother always love her child, take care of her child by expecting nothing in return, but never fails to perform her duties. Because, this is the way of doing one՚s own duty out of passion and this is called Karma yoga or Nishkama karma.
  • In the Karma yoga chapter, lord Krishna teach us to see both inaction in the action and action in the inaction. In other words-there is something that which lays motionless in the state of motion and the one is in motion state in the motionless state. We have to realize that-atoms, molecules, sub atomic particles are continuously performing their action even in a motionless material. In Gita, Lord Krishna clearly states- “Na hi kaschit kshanam api, jatu thishtati akarma krut, karyate hi avasa karma, sarvaihi prakrutijairgunaihi” . It means that-nothing remains motionless even for a second. Everything is in the state of action as per its own nature.
  • In Karma yoga, apart from Karma there are another two new terms introduced by lord Krishna. They are-Akarma (inaction) and Vikarma (negative or sinful action) .
  • Lord Krishna urges not to sit idle and always be engaged in actions that too with detached mind. If we do nothing, even the protection of one՚s own body is not at all possible. So, “niyatam karma kuru” -perform the prescribed duty.
  • So as per the need, it is our responsibility to perform the prescribed duty according to the situation in full-fledged mode even without thinking about the result. This is the real Art of Karma yoga.

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