A-AS Level (CIE) Hinduism: Specimen Questions with Answers 30 - 30 of 51

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Question 30


Describe in Detail


“Soul is indestructible” . How far we can make it sure?


  • Soul is the only one that remains forever. Soul is eternal. According to Bhaja govindam- “Punarapi jananam, Punarapi maranam” , which means-Birth and death is a continuous process-that the soul can never escape so easily. When the time is up, Soul leaves the body and accepts the one as the result of one՚s own karma. that՚s why B. Gita says- “gruhitvaitani sanyati vayur gandhan iavshayat” -soul carry the senses just like wind carries fragrance of a flower.
  • Through B. Gita, lord Krishna clearly explains the characteristics as well as features of the Soul very well.
  • B. Gita claims soul as a kledyam (incombustible) , achhedyam (unbreakable) , nit yam (everlasting) , achalam (motionless) , sanatanam (eternal) , achintyam (unthinkable) , avyaktam (unmanifested) , avikaryam (emotionless) , Avinash (indestructibke) and so on.
  • Another simple quote that resembles the eternity of the Soul in Gita is- “Avyayasya sya na kaschit kartum arhati” that means-nobody can destruct the imperishable soul.
  • When the soul departs from the body, it will take the one for bearing the fruits of action that he had committed in previous birth just like changing the old clothes with new one when it turned unusable.
  • From all these above mentioned statements, we can conclude that the Soul is an indestructible in nature. Soul is birth less, eternal, immortal and ageless. It won՚t get destroyed even if the body get destroyed.

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