A-AS Level (CIE) Hinduism: Specimen Questions with Answers 29 - 29 of 51

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Question 29


Describe in Detail


Give a simple note on Yoga


  • Yoga is an integral part of our culture and tradition. It is one of the most valuable and precious thing that which Indians had gifted to the whole world. The word YOGA means- ‘union’ . Totally YOGA is a union of Body, mind and spirit. Daily practice of yoga helps us to maintain both physical and mental health. If we look from Physical paradigm-Yoga eliminates extra toxins from our body, helps us to keep a rhythmic breathing and boosts digestion.
  • Apart from that, if we look from mental paradigm-Yoga clears the mind and fill it with positive thoughts that which lead to mental clarity and helps us to stay calm and cool with presence of mind.
  • If we start a day with Yoga-it will be very helpful to keep up the energy throughout the day. Clubbing up of universal sound-OM along with Yoga will be more beneficial.
  • In spite of having everything, if we don՚t have the real wealth- HEALTH, we can՚t enjoy our life at its fullest potential. That is why our ancient gurus and sages inspired us to add Yoga as a part of our daily routine. As per today՚s busy schedule, it is very hard to control mental stress and anxiety.
  • But as per the Sanskrit text about Yoga, it is said that-YOGA CHITTA VRITTI NIRODHAH, which means Yoga is to channelize the mind. This leads to focus of the mind on a particular thing. Ancient sages compare the mind with a monkey-because it is a very restless one.

Even in Bhagawat Gita, lord Krishna says that-

Asamsayam Maha baho

Mano durnigraham chalam

Abhyasena tu kaunteya

Vairagyena cha gruhyate

  • ‘’ It is undoubtedly very difficult to control restless mind, but it is possible to control the mind by constant practice and by detachment ‘’ .
  • Through Yoga one can control the mind. It is sure that outer World is the reflection of inner world-which means mind. So, it is very important to keep our mind in positive manner to make this world-a positive one. Yoga makes the person-a disciplined one-which is very essential to have a good life.
  • Apart from above all these-we can say that Yoga is-a way of life, a culture, a discipline, a way of channelizing one՚s own energy. Yoga is like a lamp. It spreads the light all over the world.
  • So by concluding we can say that it is all our collective responsibility to adopt yoga as the part of our daily life and to make aware about the importance of Yoga in our daily life to others people also.
Give a Simple Note on Yoga

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