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Question 28


Describe in Detail


Mind alone responsible for the bondage and liberation. Explain



  • It is right that Mind is the only one that which is responsible for both bondage and liberation. As per the Amrita Bindu Upanishad- “Manah Eva manushyanam karanam bandha mokshayoho” .
  • It is our mind that makes us attached in the temporary sense objects and material pleasure as well that which remains as an obstacle in the path of liberation. To mitigate all these obstacles, lord Krishna urges all of us to remain detached in all dualities like- happiness and sorry, success and failure, hot and cold, profit and loss and so on. We must learn to be a witness; that is- sakshibhava and learn to perform all our prescribed duties irrespective of all situations.
  • As per lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita, “brahmanyadaya karmani, sangham tyakti karotiyaha, lipyate na sa papena, Padma patra ivambhasa” , that means- mind must be like a lotus flower. It grows and remains in a muddy water but, still untouched by it. This is called the art of detachment.
  • If we think we are weak- we are weak and if we think we are strong- we are strong. It is all depend upon our own mind, not by any external factor.
  • We can make this world like a heaven or like a hell according to our approach.
  • If one feels that- he/she is unable to channelize or control one՚s own thoughts, he/she must practice meditation without fail. In Bhagavad gita, lord Krishna says- “abhyasena tu kaunteya, vairagyena cha grihyate” ; that means- by constant practice and detachment, surely one can control their own mind. Before controlling the mind, one need to understand- what is called mind and what are the characteristics of a mind. If one came to know about all these, it will be an easy task to control it.
  • Let us take an example to understand the trap of our mind- there was an experienced Surgeon, who is able to do any complicated surgery of a patient with single minded, but- the same Surgeon can neither concentrate nor can do a simple surgery of one of his beloved one. This is called the Attachment.
  • Whenever the Surgeon starts to think that- it is “My patient” , it is “my beloved one” , and then he lost his own mind control. This is the trick of an uncontrolled mind that which deviates all the thoughts from the present moment. So to live life at its fullest potential, we all need to put mind under control at any cost.
Unattached Mind

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