A-AS Level (CIE) Hinduism: Specimen Questions with Answers 27 - 27 of 51

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Question 27


Describe in Detail


Motherhood is not just a term. But, a status in Hindu culture. Justify it.


  • Yes. There is a big space for Motherhood in Hindu culture. According to Hinduism, Mother is not just a woman; but a special status that we used to call anything that which has a moral value.
  • Because, motherhood is a reflection or epitome of love, care, tolerance, patience and so on.
  • that՚s why Hinduism used to call-Ganga as Ganga maa, Bharat as Bharat mata, Earth as Dharti maa, Cow as Gau mata.
  • Despite being the victim of frequent exploitation our Mother Earth is tolerating everything very patiently. But, we don՚t realise that due to these continuous exploitation, deforestation, mining etc. ; knowingly and unknowingly we are inviting so many dangerous consequences in the form of flood, earthquake, and lack of rain and so on.
  • it՚s been ages that, we human beings are dumbing or disposing waste materials in each and every water resources like ponds, rivers, lakes etc. Whatever we contribute in the river, accepts and carry it and flows through so many obstacles to reach the destination. It neither stops nor take rest in the midway just like a mother taking care her child whatever obstacles may come. This is called patience.
  • Inspite of having so much power both in arms and ammunitions, Inspite of being a victim of enemy attacks several times, India have never tried to either conquer or capture any single piece of land that belongs to other country. Because, we respect them and their sovereignty as well. Not just that, even if those enemy country face any type of disaster, we never hesitated to extend our service to them at any time.
  • Apart from these, we all know that Cow consumes grass that which has very least use. But, we take milk from cow and turn it into other milk products like-butter, cheese, ghee etc. We use cow urine to make our surroundings neat, clean and pure. And for another purpose we take cow dung and all these above mentioned products to make the Panchagavya ghee-an important medicine in Ayurveda. From all these, we have a lesson to learn throughout in our life- “take the least and give the most” . As per the Upanishad-Earn by hundred hands and contribute through thousand hands.
  • Ishavasyopanishad says that “tena tyaktena bhunjeeta” that means- “consume only after sacrifice” . So, we can say that the Gau mata is the most suitable example for all these Upanishad quotes.
  • From all these above statements we can understand the Motherhood is not just a term but, an epitome of all above mentioned qualities.

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