A-AS Level (CIE) Hinduism: Specimen Questions with Answers 24 - 24 of 51

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Question 24


Describe in Detail


What or who is a Stitaprajna?


  • According to lord Krishna in B. Gita, a Stitaprajna is the one who gave up desires; always feel satisfied within the self. He remains stable in all the time. Because, Stita means constant and Prajna means consciousness. So as usual-the one who is expert to handle one՚s own consciousness in the extreme level is a Stitaprajna.
  • He treats happiness and sorrow, success and failure, friend and foe, ups and downs-all the extreme other ends equally. Lord Krishna clearly mentions the character of a Stitaprajna by making tortoise as an example. Whenever a tortoise senses any threat, it withdraws all his limbs into the shell.
  • Just like the tortoise, a Stitaprajna too never fails to withdraw one՚s own senses/indriyas whenever he/she felt any type of threat. And moreover, the mind of a Stitaprajna is always free from attachment, fear and anger. His mind is always steady up to his last breath despite engaging in daily activities just like a normal human being.
  • Apart from all these above mentioned statements, lord Krishna clearly says that-the detachment is all about the mind and nothing to do with physical engagement. Even one who abstains from physical activities but, always engage in mental activities can never be considered as Stitaprajna. That is why ancient sages used to say- “manah Eva manushyanam karanam bandha mokshayo”
  • So, to have a detached mind or to become a Stitaprajna we all need to train our mind as early as possible.
  • All above are the characteristics and features of a Stitaprajna as per the Hinduism.

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