A-AS Level (CIE) Hinduism: Specimen Questions with Answers 23 - 23 of 51

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Question 23


Describe in Detail


Elucidate the devotion of Kunti.


  • Without any doubt, we can say that the devotion of Kunti is unequal. She is the one who pleaded lord Krishna to give distress all the time to get have the mercy of lord Krishna throughout the life. During the time of exile, its Kunti՚s devotion towards lord Krishna-that helped her to remain calm and cool by maintaining the balance of mind.
  • As per lord Krishna in B. Gita, there are four types of devotees in this world who worships god. They are-
    • Distressed,
    • Needy,
    • Seekers of worldly pleasures,
    • Seekers of spiritual knowledge.
  • Majority of them stops the worships after they attain their aim. But in the case of Kunti, she is the one who is a needy of lord Krishna all the time.
  • When we go through Kunti՚s life, we can see distress all the time. She gave birth to Karna before getting married, her husband Pandu died just after getting married, Duryodana and other Kauravas always tried to kill Pandavas, Kauravas cheated Pandavas in gambling and lost all their belongings and went for exile for a long time. Despite having all these distress Kunti kept her faith, devotion, and love towards lord Krishna. She knows very well that the lord Krishna is their well-wisher and will take care all of them.
  • She neither demanded Krishna to have a peaceful life nor to get back the lost kingdom. She never asked Krishna-Why all these happens to her. This is the real devotion according to lord Krishna.
  • that՚s why lord Krishna says in B Gita- sukha dukheshu sama sanga vivarjita, that means-remaining equal both in happiness and sorrow.
  • Sometimes Kunti claims that more difficulties stimulate more love and devotion to the almighty.
  • Such is the devotion of Kunti that makes her unequal character.

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