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Question 22


Describe in Detail


Which concept is better- Saguna bhava or Nirguna bhava? Explain.


  • Hinduism gives importance to both Saguna bhava (form worship) and Nirguna bhava (formless worship) equally. Both the concepts have their own scope and importance in the Sanatana dharma and both are the two sides of a same coin.
  • In the 12th chapter of Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna asks the same question regarding the concept of both Saguna and Nirguna like this- “evam satata yukta ye, Bhakta tvam paryupasate, ye cha api aksharam avyaktam …” and so on. It means- “which one are to be considered as more perfect- engaging in devotional service or worshiping the Brahman?” After hearing this query, lord Krishna replied that- those who can concentrate their mind upon him with the devotion is too considered as perfect.
  • Shortly, the idea is that- it does not matter through which spiritual path we are choosing. The real matter is- upon which spiritual path we can fix our mind much better.
  • Lord Krishna says that- even the Saguna upasana is little bit difficult to follow and understand. So, it is not needed to consider Saguna upasana as an inferior one. Both types of worship help the spiritual seekers to reach the ultimate goal that is “self-realization or enlightenment” .
  • Rigveda claims that- “ekam sat vipraha bahudha vadanti” , that means- the ultimate truth is one, but the people describe him in many ways
  • In the case of meditation and worshipping, a Nirguna Upasaka may do not have any idea on what one should to meditate upon. Because, this way of worship does not have any form or symbols to concentrate. But, in the case of Saguna worship, spiritual seekers have so many symbols as well as forms to hold the mind for the concentration. When the Maya or illusion added to the Nirguna worship, it becomes the Saguna upasana. When anybody realize these facts, all other names, forms, symbols, shapes will get vanished gradually.
  • In other words, Hinduism says that the Saguna upasana finally leads to the Nirguna upasan and navigates to the ultimate goal of each and every human being that is Moksha.
  • So, from all these above mentioned statements, we can conclude that the both types of Worships have their own importance and nothing is better than the other.
Saguna Bhava or Nirguna Bhava

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