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Question 2


Describe in Detail


What is the role of womanhood in Hinduism? Explain.


  • The womanhood holds a special status in Hinduism. Sanatan dharma worships women as mother. Women are to be considered as the epitome of unconditional love, selflessness, tolerance, dedication, virtue and so on.
  • Due to the chastity and purity, all these five women, that is- Sita- the wife of lord Rama, Tara- the wife of king Bali, Kunti- the mother of Pandavas, Mandodari- the wife of demon king Ravana and Ahalya- the wife of sage Gautama are considered as Panch Kanya (the five role models for women) in Hinduism. Despite hardships in life, all these five model women had never failed to perform one՚s own prescribed duty and always engaged in spiritual practices as well.
  • Among those five ideal women, Tara and Mandodari never remained silent by seeing wrong doings of their husbands and did their best to lead them in the right path always.
  • Apart from all these Panchkanyas, Swami Vivekananda mentions Savitri and urges that- every girl in India must aspire to be like Savitri, whose love could not be conquered by death and brought back the soul of her husband from Yama (the god of death) .
  • In the words of Swami Vivekananda- “Hindus worship the idea of mother and even the monks are required to touch the earth with their foreheads before their mothers. Chastity is much esteemed” .
  • As per the Hindu culture, each and every woman serves her husband as her son and each man serves his own wife as his mother.
  • Again Swami Vivekananda mentions that- “the Hindu women are very spiritual and very religious, more than any other women in the world. If we can preserve these beautiful characteristics, Hindu woman of the future will be the ideal woman of the world” .
  • Even the spiritual guru of Swami Vivekananda- Sri Ramakrishna treated and served his wife Sharda as his own mother and saw the divinity within her. He himself used to worship his beloved wife as mother Kali.
  • In Ramayana we can see that all three younger brothers of Lord Rama- Bharata, Lakshmana, Shatrughna and even lord Hanuman used to call- Sita as mother.
  • In Puranas, mother Saraswati is considered as the goddess of Vidya (knowledge) and mother Lakshmi is considered as the goddess of both prosperity and wealth.
  • Such is the position or status as well as importance that all have been given to the womanhood in Hindu culture, since ages.
Womanhood in Hinduism

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