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Question 17


Describe in Detail


Role of Indra in Hinduism.


  • Indra is considered as god in Hinduism. that՚s why both Puranas and Vedas always depicts him as Devendra (the god among Devas) . He controls the-lightning and thunder, Vayu Dev-who manage the wind, Varun Dev-who manages the rain, Agni Dev-who manages fire, Surya Dev-the sun god.
  • People worship him for the overhaul prosperity in life. While performing Yagna (sacrifice) or puja, the major part of the offerings goes to the lord Indra.
  • While concluding the Sri Rudram, a part of Taittariya Upanisha in Yajurveda-there is a very long sloka. It says that-whatever we offers to many gods during Rudrabhisheka, Indra deserves half of it՚s portion. The sloka goes like this- “Agnischa Indrascha me, somascha ma Indrascha me. .”
  • He is the god father of Arjuna in Mahabharata. He rides on the famous white elephant called-Airavata. His weapon is called Vajrayudha that made up of diamond like Skelton of the great sage-Dadichi.
  • Rig Veda mentions Indra very much. Vedic people believed that, the worshiping of Indra will leads to the fame, prosperity, timely rain and grant harvest, comforts, protection and so on.
  • In Rig Veda, Indra is also known as Purandara; meaning-the destroyer of cities. Because, he destroyed cities of Asura (demons) in a war.
  • It is Indra who requested lord Vishnu to stop Mahabali and to place him in any other world that is called Patalaloka. So to grant Indra՚s wish, lord Vishnu incarnated as Vamana-one among ten avatars (incarnation) of lord Vishnu.
  • It is said that Indra is not a person but, a position. So, whoever holds that position known as Indra/Devendra. Only Indra and other Devas deserves the nector (Amrit) that got from the churning of the milky ocean by using Vasuki snake as a rope. And on behalf of Indra, lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini to get back the nectar that which snatched away by Asura.
  • Due to all the good virtues, we can see that gods, goddesses, sages and human beings worships, praises and performing puja by dedicating to the king of Devas-Indra.
  • These all are the roles and importance of Indra in Hinduism.

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