A-AS Level (CIE) Hinduism: Specimen Questions with Answers 16 - 16 of 51

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Question 16


Describe in Detail


Give a note on unparallel devotion of Prahlad.


  • Prahlad born to Hiranyakashipu-Khayadu couples. The word or name Prahlada means-the one who takes and gives joy. His joy was not at all depended on any material things but, as the result of out of over flowed devotion.
  • It is right that Prahlad and his devotion has a special place in Hinduism. Despite been born in demon clan, he was an ardent devotee of lord Vishnu.
  • While being in the womb of his mother, Prahlada learned everything that taught by sage Narada and kept continues to chant- ‘Om namo bhagavatey vasudevaya’ .
  • His devotion, love and trust towards lord Vishnu was pure, sincere and unshakeable. What we all want is that type of attitude throughout our life. Whatever obstacles or threat may come, Prahlada neither got feared nor got anxious. Because, he knew very well that his beloved lord Vishnu is always with him and will take care of him.
  • Some of asuras including the sister of Hiranyakasipu-Holika tried their best to kill Prahlada. Once, Hiranyakasipu dropped him from a mountain to kill but, everything gone in vain.
  • Without any doubt, we all can say that-Hiranyakasipu asked a boon from Lord Brahma very confidently by thinking that it has no loopholes. In spite of having such a tricky boon, Prahlada never feared even a little bit. Finally, to save one of his favourite devotee Prahlada and to kill the demon king, lord Vishnu incarnated as Narasimha avatar. After finishing Hiranyakasipu, lord Vishnu was in extreme anger mode. Each and everybody tried their best but, only Prahlada could make Narasimha calm and cool by praising him with devotional words. Later, this devotional praise came to known as ‘Prahlada stuti’ . That is why always he used to say that- “Hari nameva Nameva Mama Jeevanam” , means-Praising hari and uttering his greatness is my life.
  • In B. Gita lord Krishna says- “daityanam prahladaschasmi” , meaning- ‘Among Daitya (demons) , I am the Prahlada’ . By mentioning Prahlada in B. Gita, lord Krishna set an example for demons. Such is the greatness of Prahlada and his devotion in Hinduism.

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