A-AS Level (CIE) Hinduism: Specimen Questions with Answers 10 - 10 of 51

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Question 10


Describe in Detail


Nachiketa is an example for single pointed mind. Explain.


  • Nachiketa was the son of a great sage Uddalaka. While performing Yagna (sacrifice) , Uddalaka donated everything. After seeing all these, Nachiketa asked his father to whom he was going to donate. Then Uddalaka replied that-he is going to donate his son to the Yama (death) .
  • Within no time, Nachiketa went to the abode of Yama (Yama loka) and waited for Yama at the doorstep for three days without having anything to eat and drink.
  • After came to know all about the dedication of Nachiketa, Yama asked him forgiveness and told him to ask any three boons. But despite having all these offers, Nachiketa never got tempted and plead Yama to reveal all the secrets about death.
  • By hearing such a demand, Yama deva-with fold hand, requested to cancel this demand and offered to give a fully-fledged luxurious life that no one else have. But, he sticks to his demand and never deviated an inch from it. With no other option left, Yama revealed all the secrets about the death.
  • This type of single pointed mind is an excellent example to all human beings, especially to those who are spiritual aspirants or spiritual seekers who are eager to achieve the ultimate spiritual knowledge.
  • Even so many great sages got tempted and deviated from their goal while doing tapas (penance) . But, this teenage boy Nachiketa never made such a mistake.
  • That is why Nachiketa remains as an example for single pointed mind and set him as a role model forever.

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