A-AS Level (CIE) Business Studies Paper-1: Specimen Questions with Answers 10 - 10 of 50

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Question 10


Describe in Detail


Explain what do you understand by quality control


The statistical quality control in the procedure for the control of the quality by the applications of the theory of probability to the results of the examination of samples. The articles are examined as soon as they are produced. So, corrective action may be taken immediately. The object of keeping the process under control in done with the help of control charts. The charts set the control limits and whenever a point goes outside the control limits the trouble is indicated. So, sometimes, the method is also called the control chart method. Thus, there are the control limits upper and lower. At regular intervals sample are taken and the data plotted on the graph. If the sample points are within the control limits than, it does not call for any connective active but if any sample deviates from cither these limits, then there are same defects in the process of production. Then examine and correct the process.

Control Chart

Control chart is a statistical device used for the study and control of process. They are simple to construct as they involve. Three horizontal line:

  • Control line (CL) : To indicate the desired standard of the process.
  • Upper control limit (UCL) : It is shown by a dotted line that passes through the chart above and parallel to the control line.
  • Lower control limit (LCL) : It in shown by a dotted line that passes through that chart below and parallel to the control line.

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